Day 1 -February 22 2017

DAY 1-

Today marks the first day of my first road trip. I had a late start, leaving the house at 4pm once everything was packed and driving down in the oppsiste direction to rei to exchange a sleepshirt that was too large. I left rei at 4:30. and started my route up to san fransico.

As I pulled out of the parking spot my phone spontaniously reset itself.

As I got on the raod my stero wouldn’t work until I gave it a good punch.

Heading down the 5 I was amazed at how open the road was and the gorious mountain views I got. This being my first time leaving LA in my car I expected there to be lots of suprised for me, but the next one wasn’t so nice.

I love cruse control and was thankful on this long drive up which is why I was some what concerned when I tried to disable it a hour into my trip and the on off button popped out of its socket.

I kept driving with cruse control stuck on for another hour and stopped at a rest area to look it over. It seems like some pin got missalined and I’ll have to open it up with a small screwdriver when I get to my desitantion.

I could not ignore a background noise when I pulled over. The sound of birds!

I followed the chirping to a tree by a gas sation to hear all sorts of singing and chirping. I set out to get my binoculars and identify this new songbird I had never heard before.
I was very suprised to find at least 5 differnt kinds of birds in the tree, from a pink dove to 2 kinds of sma tail crackle is a uncommon bird It was weird to find all these birds at a gas station.

I did some snooping and found that a nearby wildlife perserve was flooded. That eplains the displacement. I am quite lucky to accidentlly stumble upon the tree they all decided to camp out in for the night.
It ws about 8pm. I decided I’d call it early and find a place to rest too. I found a small neighbordhood in the middle of nowhere on google maps 20 miles down and decided to drive down there and find a place to park my car.

Driving into the place there was a lovely road where trees planted uniformly swept past you on the left and right, but getting there I was unnervied at seeing multiple cars that were in disrepere I lay in my car finishing the account of my day. I’m going to read a book and try to sleep now. I’ll try to send this post out tonight but the cell cervice might be bad enough that it doesn’t get through into the morning.


Update- its I had a good nights sleep from 8-2. It’s very cold outside but warm in my bed with my homemade sleeping bag.

Nothing really opens until later so I am going to continue to chill here and read until 6 am. I am currently reading: the science of diskworld.

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