Day 2 – Febuary 23rd 2017

Day 2- I decided at 6am it was time to start the new day. I was somewhat reluctant as it was freezing cold out from under my blankets and almost nothing was open at this time of day, but I had been wide awake for several hours and I was egar to start making my way to san francisco.

As I drove out of the tiny neighborhood I had been afraid of at night I saw a school bus picking up children and people leaving early for work. I felt bad about my precious fears. This was a community of hard working people who wanted to live somewhere nice and quiet even if it meant a longer commute to work.

My car window’s were iced from the weather. I got to use my car’s front winsheild defroster for the first time. This was definatly the coldest night I ever spent in my car at 32 degrees. I knew from here on out things would only get warmer.
I pulled over at the “last stop gas station” to wipe the moisture from the rear of my car with a rag. I went inside to look around. This was the last place james dean stopped at before he died.

I went hear primarly because people had said  the surrounding town was extreemly creepy, which I did find to be true at least at night.

The gas station had a cool antuque car from the dust bowl days, a 50’s style resturant and several hundred jars of nuts and jams.


I set out on the road to san fransico. It turns out that some fiddling I had done to the car’s cruse control the night before had fixed it. I took a knife and bent some pins back into place and popped the button back in.
I happy crused down the highway. I felt like I had to stop at this long stretch of oil rigs to take it in. It was so bleak.

My next stop was the san luis reservoir. The origonal plan was to go to the campgrounds to sleep here yesterday. I decided to stop by to scope it out for next time. I really liked what I saw. Its gorious and full of exotic wildlife I had never seen before. I definatly want to go camping here some other time.

I saw a new bird. The spectacular Yellow billed magpie. They are playful and smart crows that are only found in a small area of california.
I switched highways at this point and went down the 152 instead of the 5 and I am so glad I did. The 152 was spectaular. Drifting down the steep curving mountain pass was one of the greatest rides of my life. It deserves my highest praise: it was worthy of comparison to Mr.Toad’s wild ride.

The view at this time of year was wonderful. Rolling green hils, cows and sheep grasing the bright green grass from the recet rain, all the trees were pink with blossoms of spring and bright yellow poppies rose out of the ground painting a pastel landscape wherever I looked.

I was almost in san fransico. I said goodbye to the wonderland that is the 152 highway and hello to the accumulation of traffic as I drove up north.

When I reached san fransico the trafic became so congested it looked like something out of a dystopian novel. The street was massive, 6 lanes devided by train tracks. Each inch of space filled with cars bumper to bumper as we slowly worked out way into the city. The side of the road was filled with parked cars. Hundreds of cars parked one after another on the street lined up further than the eye could see as we slowly inched forward. The houses were painted chaoticly, each one a different bright color than the last, all of them on stilts to acomidate a gurae underneath. All of this comicly built upon rolling hills. The streets drifting up and down so as if it felt like I was riding the worlds slowest rollercoaster. One street was so steep as I reached the top I realized I was pointed so high up I couldn’t see anything below me but clouds and the sky. I held my breath as I dropped down, and tried to remind myself that they wouldn’t build a street steeper than what was safe for a car to handle.
I crossed threw golden gate park with my car. It blew my mind. I had seen nothing like it. Here in the middle of this dencely overcrowed city was a forest, overcrowed and stuffed not with people but tall trees and bush height plant life. The extreem conrast left me so stupified I momentarly lost myself in the woods at a stop light and the car behind me had to “remind me” the light was green and to keep moving forward.

As I truend in to reach my friend’s house I saw the crowds and traffic that seemed unending to desperce. I was left alone and it was peaceful. I rolled down my windows to enjoy the breeze.


The house I’d be staying at was an old antice from back when san fransico was origonally founded. It has a large back lot with enough room for me to park my car.

I was welcomed in and given a tour my by friend tanya. The house is 3 stories tall and overflowing with priceless antiqes. Masterpices of craftmanship from long ago.

Tanya pressed a hidden pannel in the dining room and pointed to me as a hidden door swung open- look! A secret bathroom. There are a couple secrets like this hidden through the house. I won’t say where but I found a smaller hidden door that leads to box full of solid silver diningwear. Hidden in the recesses of the walls. This house is so awesome.
It was 2pm at this point. Tanya and I sat down to plan out all the adventures we would go on while I was here .I had already made a map of everything that had intrested in me in the city and we cordinated what time’s to go, what we needed to buy tickets in advance for, ect. When we finished I took a cold shower and we went out to the back lot behind the hose for dinner. I pulled out all my cooking supises, set up my foldout table and we sat together in the cold as I first boiled a pot of alpine punch david’s tea for us to drink and then set to work cooking dinner on my cast iron stove. I regretfully had left my pot lid at home so I asked tanya to bring something in from the house to cover the food in the cast iron pot so it would cook faster. she came out with something that looked like it was cast in a forge 100 years ago. Ok. I was going to have to get used to that.

We had some food I had pre cooked and packed with me to warm- purple jewled yams roasted in garlic butter, artichoke and aspirigus roasted in soup from a stew of elk I had made previously and some grass fed beef.

The tea and the meal itself were great and the warmth of the good food was appreciated as it was unusually cold outside.

After that, we played some video games together and then tucked into bed at 9pm. I decided to prioritize sleep over my journal and started writing in the morning.
Tanya’s mother elenore helped me find a nice spot by the window where I could sit in a old rocking chair and write about my day. And here I am now.

I had the first good nights sleep in a long time. I slept until 3 in the morning, saw my friend cesar who lives in hawaii had just messaged me and we talked on the phone about our lifes for a hour and then I drifted back to sleep till 10am. That’s all to report for day 2. Thank you for reading! I’m heading out for a day of adventure now.

Day 1 -February 22 2017

DAY 1-

Today marks the first day of my first road trip. I had a late start, leaving the house at 4pm once everything was packed and driving down in the oppsiste direction to rei to exchange a sleepshirt that was too large. I left rei at 4:30. and started my route up to san fransico.

As I pulled out of the parking spot my phone spontaniously reset itself.

As I got on the raod my stero wouldn’t work until I gave it a good punch.

Heading down the 5 I was amazed at how open the road was and the gorious mountain views I got. This being my first time leaving LA in my car I expected there to be lots of suprised for me, but the next one wasn’t so nice.

I love cruse control and was thankful on this long drive up which is why I was some what concerned when I tried to disable it a hour into my trip and the on off button popped out of its socket.

I kept driving with cruse control stuck on for another hour and stopped at a rest area to look it over. It seems like some pin got missalined and I’ll have to open it up with a small screwdriver when I get to my desitantion.

I could not ignore a background noise when I pulled over. The sound of birds!

I followed the chirping to a tree by a gas sation to hear all sorts of singing and chirping. I set out to get my binoculars and identify this new songbird I had never heard before.
I was very suprised to find at least 5 differnt kinds of birds in the tree, from a pink dove to 2 kinds of sma tail crackle is a uncommon bird It was weird to find all these birds at a gas station.

I did some snooping and found that a nearby wildlife perserve was flooded. That eplains the displacement. I am quite lucky to accidentlly stumble upon the tree they all decided to camp out in for the night.
It ws about 8pm. I decided I’d call it early and find a place to rest too. I found a small neighbordhood in the middle of nowhere on google maps 20 miles down and decided to drive down there and find a place to park my car.

Driving into the place there was a lovely road where trees planted uniformly swept past you on the left and right, but getting there I was unnervied at seeing multiple cars that were in disrepere I lay in my car finishing the account of my day. I’m going to read a book and try to sleep now. I’ll try to send this post out tonight but the cell cervice might be bad enough that it doesn’t get through into the morning.


Update- its I had a good nights sleep from 8-2. It’s very cold outside but warm in my bed with my homemade sleeping bag.

Nothing really opens until later so I am going to continue to chill here and read until 6 am. I am currently reading: the science of diskworld.

My Favorite Slow Cooker.

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As of writing this the Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker is the most popular slow cooker on amazon for a reason. With the probe you can even do some Sous Vide cooking. This morning I “hard boiled” eggs in a bath of water for a hour under 145 degrees and got custard like smooth eggs that slide out of the shell after you crack them and have many of their more delicate proteins preserved giving it flavors I didn’t think a egg had. It was so rich in flavor adding seasoning to it was like pouring ketchup on a steak.

This afternoon I cooked a stew and the heat sensor let me know exactly when It was ready, and if say I didn’t arrive home on time it would have kept itself warm until I did. This dish was so easy to make and tasted delicious. I think anyone who likes eating home cooked meals, whether you can cook or not will enjoy this lovely device. All you need to do is leave the ingredients in the pot and wait, it does the rest.

My stew:
I mixed cuts of beef with
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon dried crushed rosemary
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon coarse sea salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Then added onions and bacon fat on top!







GemFall 2.0

Its been over a year since I updated Gemfall. I still love the game and play it to relax every now and then. This is just a slight aesthetic update.  I lowered the pitch on the gem pick up sound effect and animated the gems so that they are easier to spot. There are a lot of unreleased versions of the game up to this point where I experimented with various things like multiplayer, a color changing over time background and many different sound effects but nothing really added to the game.

Get the game here:


Dungeon World Resources

The entire game is up to read for free here: Book  The book recommends players reading the Playing tab in order to familiarize themselves with the game.

In addition to the book I have here: DW Printouts including all the character classes and a list of the moves you can make for the game. You will need to look over this and print a copy of the first 2 pages that list the moves as well as the page containing your character sheet.

This fan made guide does a great job explaining the game:  Dungeon World Guide

Our game is being recorded as a podcast. You can view the unedited videos of the game here:


And Mp3 audio files here: podcast




What is an algorithm action game?

The genera was coined by sega to describe the unique game “gain ground” which has been so far the soul game in the algorithm action game genera. Perhaps the only game that comes close to relation is KOKUGA for the 3DS.

In an algorithm action game you play a slow live action battle where twitch skills are trivial. Your character(or characters) fires, and moves SLOWLY. You have to be smart and decisive with your button inputs and choices in order to succeed.
In order to doge enemy attacks you must predict them by learning their algorithms, not react. In order to survive you need to asses carefully the actions you make. Algorithm action games naturally make fantastic Co-op games because the action runs slow enough that players can communicate and react to each other as well as the enemies on screen.

In KOKUGA you can only fire ONE shot at a time and control a tank every shot must be aimed carefully before being fired because of the wait time. In addition you have a series of power up cards to strategically use to best clear the levels.

In Gain ground you have an arsenal of different wimpy fighters. None strong or versatile enough to complete the game by themselves, you need to use the best man for the job and sometimes several different men to complete a level successfully.

In these games you consider the enemies simple movement patterns and use your abilities to slowly clean the screen of enemies in the safest way possible with the best choices. They are mentally tense live action games of strategy.

I’m talking about this because as an experiment in my free time from being a full time student I’m going to make an algorithm action game of my own and blog about it along the way. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish the project, or keep up this blog, but starting today I’ll try.  I just finished getting moved into my first apartment complex and I’m excited to go back to programing.