Stuff I like


Games I love-

Story and Atmosphere– Another World, Mother 3Sleep is DeathPassage,  Space Funeral,  OFF, The Real Texas, Waking Mars, Tingles rosy Rupeeland, S.T.A.L.K.E.R,  Operation Flashpoint. (Yes I think STALKER and Operation Flashpoint are FPS Role playing games)

Action and flow-  God hand, Vanquish,, Dynamite Headdy, Mcdonald’s treasure land adventure, Astro Boy:Omega Factor, Castlevania:BLOODLINES, Spelunky, Sexy Hiking, Cactus Arcade,  REZ.Space Invaders Extreme , Katamari , Cave Story , pac-man: championship edition Ninja Five-O , Wario Land 4 , DONKEY KONG JUNGLE BEAT .

Puzzle games-   game title-lost levels, corrypt  Worms, Portal 2, Prof Layton Series, Ace Attorney Series, Shiren the Wanderer DS, ghost trick.

Nostalgia factor taken into account- The Neverhood, Metroid Prime,   Graal Online(10 years ago it was amazing, the old game is gone forever now and I’ll never be completely sure how my memories stack up)

Video’s I Love-

Animes- Kiba, JOJO, Princess Tutu,  Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Cromartie High School, Kino’s Journey, Cat Soup

Western- Moral Oral, Samurai Jack, The Maxx, Community

Movies- Casablanca, Ghost Dog – The Way Of The Samurai, High Noon, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Beastmaster, They Live, True Stories, Fat Head, Evil Dead 2

Youtube- Baman and Piderman , Dog Time , MR.ChiCity , Quaoar Power , The Best Gamers , OCTOCAT , Dan The MAN , Teachers

Comics I Love:

Printed Comics-JOJO, Everything Osamu Tezuka,dorohedoro,One Punch Man, Pluto, 20th Century Boy ,Scott Pilgrim, Carl Barks Duck stories

Webcomic-øyvind thorsby , Tails gets trolled , Nature of Nature’s Art,  SUBNORMALITY!,City of Reality , Anders Loves Maria ,

Nostalgia factor taken into account- Dragon Ball, Kid Radd , Bob and George



Books I love-

Almost anything by Philip K Dick or Terry Pratchett.

Changing Planes ,  The Gnoll Credo , The Princess Bride , The Neverending Story ,  John Dies at the End , Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions , 


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