About ME

I’ve always had a passion for making video games, I view video games to be so much more than means of entertainment, I see them as universes you can remotely access from our own. Growing up my hobby was making these universes up. I’d use legos, or carve figurines out of wax crayons and carefully set up situations, rules, characters with opposing interests and try to objectively determine what happened.  This was fun, designing robots in my head, the excitement of finding out what would happen, but more importantly the joy of designing.

As I grew up things got more complex, until I felt constrained by the medium, I would come up with ideas of larger more complex areas with more rules, and so my interest evolved into making video games.  Its so much better, I can have a computer handle all of the rules and feel myself dive into a universe of my own creation, then consider how it could be better and tweak it. Add stuff!  I get such a kick out of designing, building and playing them, there’s nothing quite like it.

Although I love making games there are other things I do.

I try to make the most out of every day and preserve my memories so in addition to keeping a private journal I take photographs of my experiences. When I do photography, my focus and aim when taking photos is to capture the unfiltered truth of the moment. I want natural photos that act as guardians of my memories, my photo albums are something I can visit to refresh and renew memories of the places I have been, the things I did. All of my photographs are unedited, first attempts taken with a old compact camera.

Speaking of journal, I write a lot, and use the written word to not only document but work out ideas. I’ve written many papers all sorts of subjects and I’ve tried to host them when I feel they are “complete” up here on my website.

I love food and so I’ve become a great cook. I cook all my meals at home and eat a diet of meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, potatoes, herbs, spices, teas and cheeses. Although I’ll try anything once, I don’t trifle with grains, heavily processed foods or anything “low-fat”



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