Journey into the Blue Blazes

Blue Blazes

Go anywhere, Do anything.

Blue Blazes is a new kind of rpg where you spend the first hour of the adventure playing a minigame that generates the plot and world. You spend the rest of the game playing in it.

Gamemaster's usually spend a hour preping before game's so why not involve the group and make something everyone gets a say in? Blue Blazes can be played any time without prior preparation and ensures that every game you do play is unique and fun.



Past Games

Two polyamorous relationships on mars make a gentlemen's bet on who can take down the famously elusive Gingerbread man in candy land forest first.

A corporate controlled town of magic mushroom gathers become trapped and cut off from supplies when a magical thunderstorm forms above the cave preventing anyone from leaving for 3 months. The general manager sends them down into the caverns to find the source and shut it off.

A peaceful town of anamorphic sea animals in a waterworld where there is no more land find their sea-cow cattle gone. A band of helpful citizens(a Crab Cowboy, a literal loan shark, ect) go out to find their cattle and bring them back. Their trail leads them to a floating city of humans where their cattle are about to be sold to auction

In a future overfilled with trash all of Anaheim has been bought and turned into a trash dump with Disneyland at the center of it. This mountain of trash is full of scavengers who burrow into the trash and live in catacombs within, uncovering Disney memorabilia and mistaking it for the work of old gods. When a family of tourists go missing down a tunnel sinkhole its up to a group of trash park rangers to find them, along the way uncovering the legendary city of the gods(Disneyland) which is filled with still active animatronic robots.

Join us

I'm currently running roleplaying games once a week, I made this system first and formost as a way to connect with my friends and make new ones.

Join me and my friends as we have fun creating weird and hilarious stories together on Discord every sunday 5pm(PST).

If you are interested apply for an invite by joining the Discord and simply asking, I'll want to meet with you before the game to get to know you and go over the game's mechanics.